Time zone:

We recommend know the time difference between your city and do your trip destination. The link below shows the zone differences worldwide.


See what the expected temperature at your destination to plan rides and matching luggage. The link below reports the weather forecast worldwide.

Currency Converter:

When traveling abroad, you need to take your money in a currency that is accepted for change, being the most common, the US dollar (in Europe it is more accepted the euro).


You can bring in paper currency values ​​or as pre-paid card. Travelers checks provide extra security because they can be reimbursed in case of loss or theft.

The link below reports the current quotation of foreign currencies.

Taken and voltages:

A common problem is the difference in travel voltages and patterns taken around the world. Each country has just adopted a pattern, which can hinder life a little reps.

It is recommended to have taken adapter or converter universal Voltagem, or one that is specific to your destination.

Check voltage main features:

· Africa: in South Africa for example, the voltage is 220V.

· North America: the United States, Canada and Mexico use the same variable padron, 127V 110V to.

· South America: most countries takes 220 volts. Colombia and Ecuador are the exceptions, with 120V.

· Asia: Japan adopts 110V, 220V while China and India.

· Europe: Also do follow the unified pattern of 220V to 240V.

· Oceania: Australia and New Zealand use only 230V.

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