About Us

We are an online travel agency established in Brazil with presence in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Mexico and the United States.

SonicoTrip was born as a division of a marketing agency that was specialized in the tech and lodging area, specifically promoting Vacation Clubs.

After a few years of serious work and built long-term relationships with partners, as a result, the division got consolidated as an independent unit, and became the hub of marketing operations for both Brazil and the rest of Latin America.

We are a pioneer in offering tourist packages of Travel Clubs and timeshare programs in  first-line hotels.

Our Mission

We have conquered the market with innovative products, being specialists in providing getaways with the highest quality and incredible discounts.

We love adventure. Each trip is a unique experience that has the empowerment to change people and their history.

It is an opportunity to create memories that will last, it is a discovery. Being part of that motivates us every day to keep growing.