Certify to be carrying the necessary documents for the trip: passport, vouchers, itinerary, vaccination certificate, visas, air tickets, travel assistance card, credit card and money.If any changes or unforeseen on your trip, keep contact with local suppliers, whose phones are on the itinerary / vouchers.


Your air ticket must have the same surname of his identification which will travel (usually passport).

It is important to arrive at the airport in advance (at least two hours for domestic flights, three hours for international flights).

Confirm with time the status of your air flight directly with the Air flight company so if for any reason they have changes you can be aware of it.

If by any chance you precise to change your trip, you need to cancel your reservation. Without the cancellation I will be characterized by “no-show” and both, air ticket and hotel will be canceled. In addition, the lack of cancellation generates a fine, passenger liability.


The shuttle is hired to wait until 40 minutes after the flight arrival time. Flight delays, Migration delay or the location of the luggage can extrapolate that time. In such cases the service may not, without refund.

In case of disagreement, the passenger must contact the local operator through the existing phone in the service voucher. In case of difficulty, the passenger must seek desk tourist services, usually located in the landing area of ​​the airport.

Overall, the shuttle does not include airport baggage carrier or porters in hotels. These expenses are borne by the passenger.


Check in hotels usually be from 15h00. Check out until 10h00.

If the passenger leaves the hotel before the scheduled date, no refund of unused nights.

The service baggage handlers (trunks) is not included.

Safety trip

Always have a preventive and careful with his stuff posture. This always attentive with your luggage and personal belongings. Robberies can happen anywhere in the world. Be careful!