Guidance for Passengers

It is mandatory for all passengers, including children, to carry the proper documentation to travel. The most common international documentation required is the following:

PASSPORT issued by the police of each country. It is valid for travel to any country in the world. You should always check these requirements and the expiration date of the documentation before traveling.

The passenger has to check if the document has at least six months validity, counted from the date of travel.

To obtain or renew the passport, the applicant should consult with the police of his country requirements and verifying procedures, costs and deadlines for issuance of the document.

VISAS are require in some countries. Most of the cases in order to get obtain it, the passenger process is done at the consulate or embassy of the country you intend to visit, submit the requested documentation and pay a fee for the issuance of the document. Some countries are switching to online mode processed or direct payment at the entrance to the country, this point is very important to check with the consulted in advance, because the requirements are often subject to change.

In all cases, the documentation must be original, in good condition and be within the validity period. Booklets and professional credentials are good for travel.

Regarding the kids under age traveling with you also have to get their passport and visa (family one).

The release should be completed in duplicate with authenticated signatures.


AUTOMOBILES for holiday abroad, the driver must have a permanent National Portfolio of Enablement (CNH) and current period in the well to Portfolio of Enable International (IDL – International Driver’s License). In some countries the two CERTIFICATIONS demand will be required and may not in others.

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